Annual Award Nominations

Dan Cronin Award

Dan Cronin, and Rod Burwell began C & B in 1988 with the purchase of the store in Gettysburg, SD. Dan loved farming and ranching, rural America, and this business and what he loved most about it was the people he met and the friendships he built. He touched many people while expanding
C & B across a five state area.


Dan passed away in April 1999. Later that year, the Leadership Team of C & B agreed to begin an award named after Dan Cronin as a way of commemorating his spirit in the business. Awards are given each year to individuals who best display the following qualities that he believed in:

  • Honesty
  • Commitment
  • Positive Attitude
  • Ability to Exceed Expectations
  • Judgement
  • Humor
  • Success

This is the same award we have given all past award winners and hopefully will be the same well into the future. It is so appropriate because it brings the John Deere heritage into the award as well Dan’s passion for hunting.

The Chairman’s award

We chose a soaring eagle to represent some of the characteristics of Rod Burwell, our first Chairman and co-founder of the company.

As many of you know, Rod loved to fly and when he did, he did it so well.  He, like the eagle, had great vision and a unique perspective.  Rod was fearless and taught us to respect our fears, but also not to let them overrun you.  Rod was tenacious in his beliefs. He knew that in doing the right thing, over time it would be far more valuable than quick reactions; which can bring unwanted results.  He was a student of the game, people, and his faith.   He flew high, but also never forgot where he came from, who helped him along the way, and how he got there.


The characteristics of this person who wins this award are:

  • They’ve show great vision
  • They’ve taken calculated risks, made mistakes, and learned from them
  • They’ve used curiosity to look for a better way
  • They’ve challenged other to be and do better
  • They’ve driven innovation and simplicity
  • They are tenacious
  • They’ve built consensus
  • They achieved their objective!